Some Facts About Patricia

*  Integrated Energy Therapy
(IET) Master Instructor
* Awarded   Top Instructor IET  
Master Instructors 2005 and 2008
*  Therapeutic Touch Practitioner
*  Serenity Vibrational Healer
Modalities used in healing:
*  Shamanism
*  Occidental Metaphysics
"The Path of the Tree"
*   Inner Alchemy
*   Soul Retrieval
*   Past Life  Karmic Healing
*  REIKI Master and Instructor
* Golden Alchemy

Only USA Certifiied
(certification through Marc Beriault
at  IMO  in Canada)

History in Nursing Field
* Holistic Nursing Society
* BSN - Dominican College, NY
* 20 Years Nursing
-Sloan Kettering Medical Center
-High Dose Chemotherapy
-Thoracic  Oncology
-Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse
- Hackensack Univ. Med. Center
-  Oncology Research
Nurse Instructor
- Bone Marrow Transplant
- Out Patient Oncology
- Oncology Research

Patricia remembers at age 10 watching an old
television movie about a  woman healer and knowing
then that she would be a healer...

Patricia uses her mastery of a variety of powerful energy and
ancient healing therapies to affectively bring about  deep, lasting
and profoundly life-altering healing, soul growth and transformation.
This process brings about an increase in conscious awareness,
increased connection to the divine and renewed sense of self and

Initiated into the healing mysteries at age 17, Patricia  has spent
most of her adult life as a healer. She has been privileged to have
worked 20 years as a nurse, primarily in oncology, which served as
a crucible of experience and a grounding bridge for her healing

Patricia has served as a guide for those moving through life's great
transitions including giving birth, marriage, illness, post traumatic
events, divorce, grief, great periods of personal evolution and
initiation and through the  transition of dying and death.

Patricia is an adept and innate healer, Shaman, gifted intuitive and
empath.  She has a natural understanding of energy and a wide
knowledge of esoteric anatomy. She is able to see and interpret the
energy patterns held within the body and its surrounding field.  She
is able to  read the story that the energetic information stored as
memory, emotion and  limiting thought and belief is communicating.  
She interprets the limiting affects these have on quality of life and on
the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.  She is then
able to affectively transmute these limitations into the experience of
clarity, focus, greater connection and wisdom.  

Along with her natural healing abilities, Patricia has studied and is
certified in many of the energy and healing therapies commonly
used today.  She continues to be a passionate learner, as well as
teacher. The study of Quantum physics as a bridge and means of
communicating the mysteries of spirit in the language of science
continues to be a fascinating pursuit for Patricia.   

Patricias full-time healing and teaching practice is her soul's service
to her own spirit and to those she is blessed to work with.   

been mentored and tutored
by Marc Beriault, founder of the
Institute for Metaphysics IMO
Montreal Canada    She has studied
the Shamanic traditions, Occidental
metaphysics and Alchemy  
traditions with him as well.