Transformational Healing Practice
Patricia Guerin, RN, BSN
Holistic Nurse Healer
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my phone session with Patricia?
Click the link: Preparing for a phone session

How do I prepare for my in-person session with Patricia?
Patricia prepares the sacred space before you come for your session.  She often begins the work prior to
your coming.  Be prepared to possibly feel a shift of nervousness or anxiousness because you are being
prepared by the universe to begin shifting your energy.  Optimally, try to keep your schedule lighter
immediately after your session.  Avoid crowds or stressful situations immediately following  a session.

What can I expect from a session?
For information about what to expect from a session, please click on the link below:
What to expect from a session

Does this healing work have impact on physical ailments?
This work is a perfect compliment to any medically prescribed treatment plan.  It is not in any way a
replacement for sound medical or emotional treatment .  It can however optimize any treatment.  Although
Patricia has seen many physical ailments lessen or resolve after working with a client it has not been
scientifically proven to be the cause of this effect.  However people have reported lessening and resolving of
many symptoms not directly a result of medical treatment including skeletal muscular disorder, pain, physical
assaults. trauma, headaches, ADD symptoms,  allergies, blood anomalies,  side affects from chemotherapy,
lessening of tumor size, returning to normal of cell dysplagia such as with an abnormal pap-smear, sexual
difficulties, etc.  This is of course a natural occurrence .  Our minds, emotions and spirit  are energy and
have a direct feed back relationship with one another.

Is this work beneficial for children?  This work is absolutely essential for ALL children.   Naturally this
work is beneficial for children who have suffered any type of trauma,ongoing stresses such as divorce death
of a loved one or school difficulties or who have any other physical, mental or emotional challenge.  However,
all children after the age of two ( younger if they suffer night mares or are challenged ) have tremendous
benefit to their well being from doing this work.  Children are observed and/or reported to be happier more
self assured more confident and better able to cope with their day to day lives.  This work is more likely to be
affective more quickly for children as they have not had to develop the labyrinth of defense mechanism and
piled up traumas that an adult .  The sessions for a child are shorter and the benefit is usually  dramatic and
long lasting.  Life can be difficult and challenging this work assists children in feeling a greater
connectedness with their own true natures and an ease to life.  Be prepared children will want to return as
the session time makes them feel safe, peaceful and nurtured on a core level and they love and crave this
periodically.  Children also have a good sense about when it is time again to come for a session

How do I  schedule a session?
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What forms of payment are accepted?
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Please contact Patricia with any additional questions or concerns
by e-mail, or by phone at (845)596-5885.