Golden Alchemy and
the Path of the Tree is
offered at $175/ day.  

Wear comfortable
Bring a "blankie",
warm sleepers for

Bring a notebook

Snacks and tea are
Lunch can be ordered
in or you can bring
your own.

The group will set the
pace at which we will
Golden and Alchemy and The Path of the Tree is a series of  
ongoing intense workshops designed for the more advanced student.  
in this work you allow yourself at least several healing sessions
before you embark  as this makes the integration of this work much
easier and more gentle.
Offered in Golden Alchemy and the Path of the Tree are powerful,
ancient practices and tools of alchemy and shamanism combined
with esoteric teaching, advanced meditative techniques, and systems
of inner voyages designed to accelerate self realization and self
healing. This work activates  talents and powers, and helps to resolve
unconscious, collective and personal life limiting and hidden conflict
and clear imprints of consciousness that block  personal fulfillment
and true freedom of choice.  Likewise individuals will be guided to  
develop the shamans ability to  integrate the three worlds of body
soul and spirit.
All work of  Golden Alchemy and the Path of the Tree will be
supported  and assisted through collaboration with Elemental    
Guides and the Shining Ones or the Sidhe "Shee".  During each
workshop day a sacred portal will be set down by these beings who
will assist in transmitting the frequency needed to guide the
participants into safe profound and reciprocal "right relationship" with
the other world.  Patricia will use the communications of her guide to
further deepen the understanding and experience of traversing
alternate consciousness.  

This work Is a Must for Those on the Path of  Active Self  
    Expansion, Empowerment and Liberation.

These work shops provide advanced tools for exploration and
discovery of the self and equip the individual with means to bring the
self into a higher state of enlightenment through healing and clearing
karma, activating and expanding the chakras and light body.  
Through out the workshops individuals will meet  and develop
relationship with their own Spirit Guides, learn to and heal  and
integrate the shadow self, move through powerful initiation processes
and activations of power centers, excavate and begin to utilize latent
talents and passions  and stimulate  recovery of past life knowledge
Including but not limited to
Tapping into higher realms of consciousness,
expanding personal connection with all forms of  
divine creation
including earthen, elemental and angelic
Guidance in and experience of
Deep contemplative meditation
Inner journeying
past life retrieval
Opening awareness to universal energy
Energetic expansion, healing and evolution of  the
self, others and the planet
Discovering and Strengthening Your  Connection with
your own intuitive guidance, your crystalline body,
your own divine nature and the divinity of others,
your spiritual guides, the angels, ascended masters,
and the Divine Feminine and Masculine

Path of the Tree I Including but not limited to:
Introduction of  Golden Alchemy  and the Path of the Tree
Embarking on the esoteric "Journey of the Fool"
Finding and collaborating with your personal animal totem,
active self clearing of  limiting consciousness.  Discovering and
navigating the inner Path of the Tree.  Building and expanding the
energetic bridge to higher consciousness.

Path of the Tree II
Continues the journey through invoking the Inner Magician and the
principles of as above so below and balance to be in perfect
collaboration for manifestation.
Healing Sexual  issues visiting the "cavern"  
uncovering and releasing the inner high priest or priestess
Balancing and Healing the inner male and female

Golden Alchemy
and The Path of the Tree
Golden Alchemy and the
hybridization and
expansion of The Path of
the Tree  certification
received by Patricia by her
friend and mentor Marc
Beriault, founder of the
Institute for Metaphysics
Montreal Canada  Patricia
has studied the Shamanic
traditions, Occidental
metaphysics and Alchemy  
traditions with him.

In deepest  gratitude and
appreciation to

Marc Beriault  
"Old warrior  
Old So and So...
Been round the block
they say
a thousand times
if it’s  been a day
Warrior, Lady Slayer
Like the earth  
So many layers
Regal and impossible
Poet and philosopher  
He’s played so many parts  
no longer is it possible  
to separate  
his light from his dark
Marc, Marc
There is no denying
Spirit of dragon
heart and soul of a lion..."

(Patricia w/ Puck)