Transformational Healing Practice
Patricia Guerin, RN, BSN
Holistic Nurse Healer
welcomes you to her
Transformational Healing
and Teaching Practice
Sessions Available
by appointment

The Cottage
Suffern, NY

Telephone Sessions

(845) 596-5885
When you are ready to
This profound energetic healing powerfully transforms
wounds to wisdom awakening greater awareness and
expression of your sacred truth.

Transformational Healing Practice is the modality through which Patricia manifests
her unique and innate healing ability.  This healing includes relief from emotional,
physical and spiritual challenges.  Our human aspect has been hard-wired to react
from the subconscious - whose primary job it is to keep us safe. The traumas and
abuses, with the beliefs we hold about them, are stored in our body, energy field
and our subconscious. This becomes the conditioning that directs us and drives
our life and our experience.  

Patricia’s work is designed to disconnect you from this hard wiring, to bring healing
and clarity to events that have been frozen into the subconscious and to bring you
to a greater understanding and closeness with your spiritual nature, along with
healing of the mind emotions and body.

While Patricia work includes clearing and energy balancing....  
Her soul's purpose is to:
- Heal core soul wounds
- Assist clients to activate their gifts and talents
- Help clients find their soul purpose and  activate their divine purpose.  
- She helps bring forward the potential of who they are.

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Session Information

As part of her Transformational Healing Practice, Patricia provides:

*  Individual Healing Sessions, in person or via telephone

*  Classes and Workshops

*  Meditation Groups

*  Spiritual Counseling