Transformational Healing Practice
Patricia Guerin, RN, BSN
Holistic Nurse Healer
In and Out of Rhyme and Time
April 12. 2011
Losing Your Footing?
Don't know the Way ?
Things getting harder everyday?
No hope in sight?
Can't get anything right?
Tired. Tired, Tired!...
Tired of chasing  the light?
No matter how hard you try...
No matter what you do
No matter how many affirmations, meditations or exercises in co-creation...
No matter how many clearings, attunements or healings...
No matter with how much diligence you transmute
your thoughts your karma and your feelings
at the end of the day
you are still you!
You just won't go away!
So there you have it
There is nothing else for it
Failure,  you are!  Are you not?
You, lost and alone in the Dark Spirit Forest!...
Or maybe not...
Maybe all the effort has not missed its mark
and maybe  at the end of this day
You should say
"Thank You" to YOU
And give yourself a gentle pat on the back
And be self supportive. Maybe cut yourself some slack!...
Even If with your meditations you've become  quite lax
or you flipped the bird to  another driver
or  you couldn't  get  up any motivation today
to even get out of your own way
never mind your "vibration" to go any higher!


No more judgements for what you did and did not do!
No more beating yourself up because of that "wrong" thing you had to say
or that other thing you should have done some other way
or because you're doing something "wrong"
after all if you got it right"
you shouldn't be feeling so blue
you wouldn't eat "more" than your suppose to
you would have your soul mate walking right along side you
your fears wouldn't rock you like they still do
the sky would always be sunny
Oh and course your bank account would be filled with lots more money...
Enough is Enough!
Isn't it time  finally
to treat you Self more kindly?...
More Divinely?
Isn't it time to turn all your  compassion, patience and love
first and foremost back to you?
We are hard on our selves, but not on a friend
Spirit has no double standards
but Ego loves the "us" and the "them"
So the simple rule to follow; treat yourself as a beloved friend
Don't kick yourself when your down or call yourself a stupid cow
or admonish how you've really done it now...
Just Remember the first rule of who's who;
Divinity is all about and in all others this is true,
But hold fast and honor and respect
yourself as One  most blessed
for you are no  better but certainly no  less
Divinity, surely is who you are too!

Patricia w Puck
Patricia  Guerin
all rights reserved

Patricia will be posting messages  from her guides that will assist in the  process of accelerated evolution that is
presently unfolding at lighting speed for Earth and her inhabitants.  This process that we are currently undergoing i
mirrors and is mirrored by  the process that Mother Earth Herself is now going through.  Take your time in reading
the messages.  Read them over and again as the vibration along with the meaning is very helpful in assisting us in
our ability to hold the new vibration of each step we are currently moving through and mastering.  Reading and
meditating on the messages will bring clearing, healing and expansion in the easiest and most graced filled ways.  
One message may hold the vibration for several months  or sometimes longer so it can be helpful to read older
messages as well.  Patricias guides are highly evolved earth beings sometimes referred to as the Shining Ones or
the Sidhe ("Shee") who inhabit the same space but within a higher dimension.