Transformational Healing Practice
Patricia Guerin, RN, BSN
Holistic Nurse Healer
Messages in Space and Time
Alchemy of the Soul
Deep, deep, deep we go
the fiery labyrinth of the soul
Burning molten at the core
the old is done it can be no more
Sinking, sinking, sinking deep
Slumbering dragon
no longer can you sleep
Sinking, sinking, sinking still,
hoarded treasure
Does no longer serve to fill.
Restless, restless, restless
now a greater hunger stirs;
to this yearning we are called to bow
Heaving, heaving, heaving lift
all that ;no longer serves to feed
must to the surface shift
All buried deep needs to be released
all that has been burning seeks relief
The core has broken lose
wells pushing past breaking
holding on will be of no use
Melt in, melt in, melting in
ease as the bowels do heave and spin
Ease as you let the new to begin
fear despair panic melt
Manna, manna, manna falling gently
blanketing all like snow
what has come to the surface
must be let go
Partake, partake, partake
give permission gently allow
;the filling of your plate
the earth does shiver and does quake
but all is safe, quite safe
all is sure the past is done is all
it is to be no more.
Puck with Patricia
copyright by Patricia A Guerin
2008 all rights reserved
Patricia will be posting messages  from her guides that will assist in the  process of accelerated evolution that is
presently unfolding at lighting speed for Earth and her inhabitants.  This process that we are currently undergoing i
mirrors and is mirrored by  the process that Mother Earth Herself is now going through.  Take your time in reading
the messages.  Read them over and again as the vibration along with the meaning is very helpful in assisting us in
our ability to hold the new vibration of each step we are currently moving through and mastering.  Reading and
meditating on the messages will bring clearing, healing and expansion in the easiest and most graced filled ways.  
One message may hold the vibration for several months  or sometimes longer so it can be helpful to read older
messages as well.  Patricia's guides are highly evolved earth beings sometimes referred to as the Shining Ones or
the Sidhe ("shee") who inhabit the same space but within a higher dimension.
"Sleeping dragon" is a symbol for your
own power and truth that is pressing to
wake up and truly know its self.
"hoarded treasure" would be those
beliefs, defenses and ways of being
that can not bring us into the new
paradigm and must be shed or
transmuted to a higher level
The "manna" is the new energy that is
being transmitted from the center of
the universe continuously at this point.  
It holds the information and encoding
that our beings crave and desire to
assist us in moving into the higher
dimensions here in the earth plane.
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