Transformational Healing Practice
Patricia Guerin, RN, BSN
Holistic Nurse Healer
To Schedule a Session:
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Telephone Healing Sessions

A telephone healing session is as effective as one "in-person".
It can be even more profound in changing the way we perceive life as the very tangible results
are physically and emotionally experienced without having been in physical proximity!

Energy follows thought and intention.  
For phone sessions it is only necessary to establish an energetic link.
We do this with one another all the time.
A connection is already being formed as you view the website page, for instance,
or as you contemplate  a session.  The connection is further established as you
make contact and when contact is then reciprocated.

(For the reason of establishing connection and familiarity Patricia appreciates if you are able to
email a photo of yourself some time prior to your first session.)

The MOST IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE with a phone session is that you not Patricia will be
responsible for providing your healing surroundings.

For the Phone Sessions Patricia will be holding you in sacred space however...
  • You are encouraged to set up your own healing environment for yourself prior to the beginning of  the
    healing session.  
  • Light a candle, play quite soothing music
  • Set your intention that this is sacred time and space for you and your healing
  • Make sure that  you have set  this time for yourself free from interruption.

Whether you have an in-person session or a telephone session, Patricia prepares the sacred space before
the session.  She often begins the work prior to your session.  Be prepared to possibly feel a shift of
nervousness or anxiousness because you are being prepared by the universe to begin shifting your
energy.   Optimally, try to keep your schedule lighter immediately after your session. Ideally especially for
your first few sessions give yourself the day off  Avoid crowds or stressful situations afterward.

Generally sessions unfold in the following way...  

  • The first part of the healing session is a "discussion"  that lasts any where from 20 to 30 min.  This has
    two purposes:
  • First, to establish rapport  and an energetic connection.  The conversation allows for becoming
    comfortable, getting to know one another, establishing  what you hope to be accomplished, what
    you believe to be the issue or issues.  Patricia will ask questions as she is guided, and compare
    your verbal responses with any conflict within your emotional, mental or physical bodies.
  • Secondly, Patricia will begin to read your energetic picture and the life events or situations that
    are currently or historically affecting your quality of life the most.  This reading for Patricia is to
    focus in on what needs to be shifted, healed or understood within your consciousness.  In
    addition, Patricia gets guidance with how the healing needs to progress in order to do this
    gracefully, with ease and effectively.   At this time, Patricia may also bring clarity to the some of
    the lessons your soul has come to master.  
    Patricia may also at this point bring forth part of the outline of what you wanted to learn in this
    incarnation, as well as the challenges that are related to this.    Keep in mind, Patricia focuses her
    intuition on healing, not the reading for its own sake.  For her reading your history, of this life (or any
    other) it is only pertinent to the end result.  Her main goal,  and soul's purpose, is healing and
    assistance with your soul's evolutionary goals and purpose.  

The second part of the session is the actual "healing".
  • For this part of the session we will disconnect the phone contact.  
  • Please turn your phone ringer off so you are not disturbed during your healing session
  • You are encouraged to rest peacefully,
  • Allow yourself at least 45 minutes devoted to staying with the experience.  Patricia will be working with
    you for approximately 40-45 minutes (sometimes longer).  
  • You are encouraged to call after the session for a 5 to 10 min follow up.  However, sometimes the
    energy will put you to sleep or into an ultra state of consciousness longer than is feasible for follow up,
    we can follow up by email at a later date or time. Subsequent sessions are similar but expect them to
    last a total of approximately an hour and 15 minutes.    Optimally, try to keep your schedule lighter
    immediately after your session.
  • Subsequent sessions are similar but expect them to last a total of approximately an hour and 15

What you may experience during the healing session...
During the healing session Patricia will  enter into a more focused and higher state of consciousness.
The energy in the room you are in may noticeably shift,  it will have a deeper more dense quality.   

Each person's healing experience is unique.   
Each subsequent session can be and usually is very different from the session before.
  • Your body may feel very heavy but relaxed. Some people go completely  into a state of sleep or into a
    deep altered consciousness.  At this time, they may be aware of things, but in a dream-like state.
  • Physically - Some people may feel pulling sensations, heat, chills, slight discomfort in different parts of
    your body followed by a release of that discomfort.  
  • Emotionally - Some might feel bliss - while others may feel different emotions.  These shifting emotions
    may come and go, in a safe manner (fear, anger, helplessness, resistance, defensiveness, sorrow,
  • Mentally - One should not be surprised to have a stream of consciousness as old records and patterns
    may come up as thoughts.  So, some people are thinking that they are striving for calmness, yet racing
    thoughts come up that you may not have looked at for years.  Think of this like a tape that is being
    pulled up and you are working on clearing those tapes.  
  • Spiritually - Many people feel a greater connection their spiritual self, their divine connection and
    unconditional love.

Experience of One Phone Client:
"As a doctoral student, I scrutinize arguments and evidence all the while depending on sound, logical
reasoning; it is my job to question and challenge
people and positions. Yet, as I've worked with Patricia vis-à-vis our telephone appointments, I've experienced
a number of things that defy all of my studies or what most people would consider "rational."  Over the
course of almost a year of working with Patricia, I've been hugged by angels, warmed with a deep sense of
love, tingled by energy from head to toe, had my heart strings literally tugged, and seen images in my mind's
eye of men walking away with the emotional baggage I've carried for too long. Since working with Patricia, my
sense of peace, well-being, and self-worth has
increased substantially, overflowing into all aspects of my life and inspiring positive changes in my marriage,
my family, my studies, and my faith. Together Patricia and I have worked through a number of issue shedding
away the layers of pain that, for years, have kept me silent, unhappy, and overburdened. In many ways
Patricia's label as a holistic healer is a most appropriate title;  Patricia not only infuses powerful healing into
my spiritual, emotional, and physical ailments/wounds, but also nurtures my mind as a profound teacher
guide, and mentor as she helps me broaden and reconcile my own understandings of this life and the
universe Patricia is both a blessing and a light to this world; she is a rare miracle.  I thank God that I listened
to my heart and not my head when I was told about Patricia. I look forward to each and every session."
Kristi S.  Texas - Graduate Student  

                                     For information about :
              What to expect after a session and How to care for yourself after a session
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Involving all the senses  by
playing soft music,  using
healing oils or incense can:
make the healing experience
more enjoyable
sets this time apart as
significant and meaningful
and helps to
cue the nervous system
so it is easier to return to the
state of relaxation and
deep peace and healing that is
experienced during the session.
For info about
What to expect and
how to care for
a session
please click
on the link below:
What to expect after
a session