To learn Reiki
is to step through
 a new and exciting doorway
              on the healing journey..  
It is, "to awaken the healer within"...
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in Reiki classes
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describing life force energy.
Reiki is an ancient healing art that has resurfaced  as a powerful,
sacred tool in these modern times.
Reiki pro-actively and affectively brings comfort, healing and
peace to ourselves, our lives, to others and the world.
Reiki is a wonderful healing modality that anyone can learn to
Reiki is at once simple and profound.  
Reiki has been proven helpful for many conditions and greatly
increases the relaxation response and eleveates stress.  It is now
sought after and even demanded in many mainstream medical
Reiki is  described as "Universal Life Force Energy". It is currently
the most popular or well known "energy" healing modality at this
Most people who ask about healing sessions inquire if it is "Reiki"
because they have probably had some contact on some level with
Reiki even if it is through a friend or a coworker mentioning it.  
Reiki is a great place to begin if you are interested in learning to
use healing energy for yourself or family or eventually as a healing
Reiki is a wonderful benefit to any of the healing arts such as
massage, nursing, physical therapy.
Reiki is an excellent way to begin to experience and  learn about

What is Reiki?