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What to Expect After a Session

  • Healing continues after  the session
    After a healing session you will go through a period of integration and re-balancing.  The greatest part
    of this will  continue for at least 24 hours and more subtly,  for at least a week.  The work does not stop
    when your session is complete.  You will continue to shift, to have revelations and to process the
    healing energy.  

  • Some common experiences of this process are;
  • Heightened energy and a feeling of well being
  • Many clients report feeling “lighter’
  • Greater clarity and an ability to get things done.

  • Others may experience;
  • Temporary feelings of low energy or fatigue
    This can occur for someone who has spent a great deal of energy suppressing, disassociating
    or having to ignore their true feelings.  It also occurs in people who have trained themselves to
    put themselves last and those that have been living in survival mode.  The fatigue and low
    energy is a way to finally take the opportunity to rest and care for oneself (help has arrived - so
    it is safe to put down your burdens and catch up).   In most cases this does not last more than
    24-48 hours, but if it does persist, it will likely be relieved with subsequent sessions.
  • Feeling foggy or "out of it"  may occur during times of tremendous inner change and when
    shifting of deep traumatic events.

  • Outbursts or waves of emotion;
    As re-balancing and integrating continues, you may experience waves of suppressed emotions; such
    as sadness, depression, anxiety or anger rising to the surface to clear.  Honour yourself by giving
    these feelings time to be released.  Comfort yourself.  Allow for safe gentle release.   Journal, take a
    walk, stretch, do deep breathing exercises, drink water.

  • Appetite Changes
    Some clients feel a greater hunger and need for comfort foods where as others feel less hungry
    suddenly.  Please do not judge yourself for either.  They are both a natural reaction to the energy
    work.  Recognize that this work causes tremendous emotional and physical change and all though this
    is desirable it can feel uncomfortable to our bodies as we go through this process.  

  • Sleep patterns and dream activity change
    You may find you sleep like a log or have tremendously active and vivid dreams.    In either case, work
    is being done on the subconscious level.  If you want to reap more conscious benefit from your
    sessions, pay attention to any dream activity that you may have.  Even keep a dream journal.  It can
    give you information about your progress and the healing process you are currently working on.

  • Resurfacing of old memories
    The healing process works to heal old conditioned responses, belief patterns, ancient experiences and
    wounds that have caused them.  As this occurs, memory is "reshuffled" and recall is much clearer.  
    Many clients report experience of remembering events they hadn't thought of in years.  This process
    will bring up both happy and unhappy memories - however, the memory of unhappy events will no
    longer be overwhelming, the "sting"  will have been taken out of them.

  • Physical differences
    You may notice a change, relief or difference in physical symptoms that you might have been
    enduring.  In addition, you may be very tired after the session - especially the first day, as your body
    readjusts to the energy work, muscles may be sore.  Old injury sights may come up to revisit as they
    are energetically shifted.  Don't be concerned if old injury feelings may arise - it can be part of the

  • Releasing toxins
    Energy session may cause a release in toxins that may appear as cold symptoms, body aches, chills,
    increased sweating, urinating or even diarrhea.  

Remember this work REALLY DOES CAUSE CHANGE.
Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self will be in a period of flux.

How to care for yourself after a session;

TENDER LOVING CARE --- For  you by you

  • Tubby time   
Warm soothing soaks in a tub with Epsom salt or sea-salt, maybe lavender oil would be nice.  

  • Drink lots of water  We are for the most part water.  Water  is important to help flush out the toxins.  
    This is a physical as well as energetic process.  They are one in the same.  Reconfiguring, releasing
    and healing cellular memory energetic, uses water.  It is easy to become dehydrated after a session.  
    Also, if you become emotional or feel down, try drinking more water to make your process easier.
    Remember we are HOLISTIC.  Body, mind, emotions and make your process easier. Remember we are
    HOLISTIC.  Body, mind, emotions and spirit all affected and influence one another.

  • “Rescue Remedy”  is a homeopathic remedy that can be found at the health food store and is very

  • Allow for cravings without judgement.  Gentle healthful and compassionate response to yourself is
    needed during this time.  If you need comfort food, eat comfort food.  If you need ice cream, eat ice

  • Avoid crowded noisy or challenging places for the first 24 hrs., if possible.

  • Steer clear of violent, senseless media input for at least the first 24 hours.  Try not to violate your
    system while you are in this open state of flux.

  • Take walks; be outside in nature as much as possible.  Stretch, do breathing exercises or breath work.

  • Honour yourself by allowing time to safely release strong emotions.  

  • Comfort yourself.  Allow for and set the intention for -  safe, gentle and grace-filled release.  

  • Journal to document your progress and to have an outlet for sorting your feelings and any memories
    that may arise.

  • Gentle, healthful and compassionate attention to yourself is needed during this time.

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Happy Healing!!

You have embarked on a wonderful journey that is a gift to yourself, your loved ones and the

    Please contact Patricia with any additional questions or concerns
    by e-mail or by phone at (845)596-5885.
Remember this work
Your physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual self
will be in a period of flux.