Recommended Reading
As people embark on this journey of awakening, self realization and self
actualization there can be a tremendous hunger and thirst for knowledge,
connection, and remembrance of ancient or newly revealed truths.  During this time
of expansion, acceleration, growth and evolution we have many questions and a
deep craving to learn. We have incarnated on the planet at an amazing time in
which much wisdom of the caliber of Ancient Mystery Schools are literally at our
finger tips.  We are no longer required to go through the grueling physical,
emotional and spiritual initiation practices of antiquity to gain access to these portals
of knowledge. They are being offered for the price of a paper back.

The following is a list of some of these amazing resources. It can not by any means
be even close to complete but it is a starting point.  Remember to use your own
discernment when choosing. Also remember that what may be our highest truth and
perfect for us at one part of our journey we may revise or totally dispose of later on.  
What makes no sense to us at the beginning and be deemed foolish nonsense may be
what we hold to be truest later on.  Truth changes as our consciousness changes.  So
always we are forever seeing with fresh sight.
Simple and Profound to be
Returned to Again and Again

Sanaya Roman
Living With Joy
Personal Power Through Awareness
Spiritual Growth (Being Your Higher Self)

Deepak  Chopra
The Way of the Wizard
Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Neal Donald Walsh
Conversations With God

Emmet Fox
The Sermon on the Mount
(The Key to Success in LIfe)

Richard Bach
(The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah)

Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist

Gary Zukav
The Seat of the Soul

Eckhart Tolle
The Power of Now
A New Earth

Alma Daniel , Andrew Ramer
Ask Your Angels

Andrew Ramer
Angel Answers

Jack Kornfield
After the Ecstacy the Laundry

Jacquelyn Small
Becoming a Practical Mystic

Exquisite Beauty

John O'Donohue
Anam Cara

Pat Rodegast
Emmanuel's Book

Kahlil Gibran
The Prophet

Sue Monk Kidd
The Secret Life of Bees

Esoteric, Shamanistic, Alchemy

Anodea Judith
Wheels of Life

DJ Conway
By Oak Ash and Thorn (Modern Celtic Shamanism)

Alberto Villoldo
Shamans Healer Sage
Soul Retrieval
Courageous Dreaming
Healing States

Mark and Elizabeth Prophet
Saint Germain on Alchemy

Ted Andrews
Animal Speak  (The Spiritual and Magical Powers of
Creatures Great and Small)

John Randolph Price
The Angels Within Us

Dennis William Hauck
The Emerald Tablet

Self help and Essential for Health and Healing

David Grudermeyer
Sensible Self-Help: The First Road Map for the
Healing Journey  

Pema Chodron
When Things Fall Apart

Sarah Ban Breathnach
Simple Abundance
Something More(Excavating the Authentic Self)

Mind, Quantum,

Manly P. Hall
Secret Teachings Of All Ages

Candace Pert
The Molecules of Emotion

Michael Talbot
The Holographic Universe

Valerie Hunt
Infinite Mind

Paul Davies
The Mind of God

Bruce Lipton
The Biology of Belief

William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, Mark Vincente
What the Bleep Do We Know

Thoughts to Things /Manifestation/Abundance

Thomas Troward
"The Spirit of Opulence"
available free down load on line

John Randolf Price
The Abundance Book

Charles Haanel
The Master Key System

Wayne Dyer
The Power of Intention

Jack Canfield
Key to Living the Law of Attraction

Rhoda Byrne
The Secret

Gloria Karpinski
Where Two Worlds Touch

Ken Wiber
Quantum Questions

Bringing in the Age of Aquarius

Barbara Hand Clow
Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions
The Pleiadian Agenda

Energy Healing

Caroline Myss
Anatomy  of the Spirit
Sacred Contracts

Energetic Healing
Barbara Brennan
Hands of Light

Julie Motz
Hands of Life

Dr Judith Orloff
Intuitive Healing