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Reiki I is a sacred powerful day primarily geared towards self
The importance of reconnecting with the healer within you can
not be over emphasized nor can the empowerment and self
respect that come from making healing of the self
the first priority.  
Self healing is the key to any good healer as well. Living by
example and compassionately caring for the self makes the
greatest impact on others.
Self healing is a gift to our families our loved ones and the
world.  As each one of us becomes healthier in every sense of
the word we contribute to the health of the planet and the
collective in body, mind, soul and spirit.

Reiki I is very much set up as a day of retreat and meditation.
You will be guided to gently experience the Reiki energy.  
You will be attuned to this energy with the Reiki I Attunement
so you are able to experience it more strongly and clearly.

The meaning of Reiki will be discussed as well as its' known  
You will also be guided through meditation to meeting your
Reiki or healing guides.  
You will learn and experience the basic Reiki technique for self
Cost determined in relationship to location please refer to
specific  date.
Certification in Reiki I will be received by participants
(discount offered when taken along with Reiki II)
Class generally runs from 10am-4:30pm
Snacks and tea will be provided.
We usually take an hour for lunch.  
Bring a lunch or you can order food to be delivered.

Reiki I