What Clients have to say
"I first came to Patricia for help in changing the
direction in which my life was headed – but I
wound up experiencing healing - at much
deeper levels, physically and emotionally.  The
physical side came as a surprise.  I have an
acoustic neuroma, a tumor, in my left ear
canal, which she picked up on at our first
session.  In the six months I have been seeing
Patricia, the tumor has shrunk in size and
almost immediately, my symptoms subsided.  I
was experiencing tinnitus constantly, which is a
ringing in the ear that can drive you nuts.  After
a short time with Patricia, my symptoms
subsided.  My hearing also improved.  
On the emotional side, sessions with Patricia
are like a warm bath of energy. It feels like you
literally leave your body at times, but you
always leave her tranquil, cottage feeling like a
new person.  I am in the process of a series of
sessions with her, where she has helped me to
release a lot of "yucky energetic gunk" (I’m not
sure that’s a term that the Masters would
embrace but that’s what it feels like to me).   I
feel lighter, happier and healthier than I have
before.  She is a warm, wonderful, gifted,
healer and teacher and I consider myself
blessed to be in her world."
Pam N., Executive Director Creative
Services GQ Magazine

"My experience working with Patricia has been
life changing and  truly "transformational."  
During my first session with her, I was
overwhelmed by the vibration of Love I was
able to feel coming from her gifted hands.
Subsequently, Patricia was able to go deep into
my soul and see the wounds, old belief patterns
and fears.  They were holding me back from
following my life's journey to it's highest
potential in this lifetime.  Additionally, she has
the tools and carries the perfect frequencies of
love, kindness, compassion, and Divine
wisdom to release all that no longer serves that
highest potential.  Thus helping to create a
"freedom of the soul' which I had never before
As someone who has studied various "healing
techniques,"  I learned the most from Patricia
about what it really means to be a "healer."   I
learned how to create a safe, loving, and
nurturing environment to facilitate the
empowerment of those who seek her
Janice Scalia-Booz
Energetic & Vibrational Healer,
Total Radiant Health

"Patricia's work helped me to release many
issues in a short time that many people spend
years trying to resolve. Her unique and
powerful gifts enabled me to claim my deepest
and truest self."   -
Janet O., Clinical Social

"After a few sessions I began to enjoy a
renewed sense of safety and peace of mind.  I
began to breathe easier, trust deeply and have
the courage to find my life's divine purpose.  
After a few months,  Patricia's energy work
took away my loneliness, unworthiness and
shame and replaced it with the energy of love
and clarity, along with power and balance.  
Patricia is a gifted healer who can help you heal
your heart and mind of worry, fear and
heartache.  Her work with me has helped me to
heal painful emotions, release self-sabotaging
thoughts and behavior, which has opened me to
greater love.  Pat is deeply sensitive to others'
emotions, and can help you to release anger,
hurt and unforgiveness.  All you have to do is
show up and be open.  Her work is amazing
and gets results!...."   
Jillian D. entrepreneur

"Patricia, in addition to being a kind and warm
person, is one of the most insightful people I
have encountered. Her sessions are always
positive in tone and result. I find myself
encouraged, uplifted  and optimistic after
spending time with her. She is passionate about
helping improve the lives of her clients, letting
them live a life of happiness and joy. I
recommend her to anyone interested in taking
responsibility for living their best life.   
Rina Plapler, Consultant

“Patricia has an extraordinary healing gift that
combines wisdom, intuition and innate healing
ability.  She is able to ‘see’ the issues that need
attention and works with you to heal on a soul
level.  Working with Patricia enables you to
bring about healing on your deepest soul issues
in a safe, loving and supportive space.  She can
shift energy quickly and assists her client to
work on a higher level, releasing what no longer
serves them.  She gives you direction to help
you to continue to shift your energies for your
highest good.
I personally see Patricia for my own healing
work.  You don’t have to be in her physical
presence for the healing to take place.  I have
experience amazing healing and energy shifts
with a phone conversation with her.   
She has worked with members of my family
and I regularly refer clients and customers to
her with complete confidence.  Those that do
see her always return with wonderful words to
express their experience with her.  When we
are given permission from a mutual client for
Patricia and I to confer about their situation, I
am continually amazed at how quickly she has
a grasp on the issues and what needs to be
attended to – after just one visit.
I am blessed to work with Patricia.  Whether
you see her for healing sessions,
classes/workshops or meditations, I’m sure
your experience with Patricia will be an
incredible journey towards healing your body
and your soul.”
Kathy Steinberg, LMSW  – Psychotherapist,
Healing Practitioner, Owner of Good
Vibrations Personal Growth Center & Gift
Shop (Suffern, NY)

"Patricia is a wonderful and gifted
healer.  Whenever I see her, I leave
with tremendous clarity and a deep
sense of peace that slowly integrates
into my being.  Her work is essential to
healing the body, mind, and spirit, to
move ahead with freedom and
abundance.  I highly recommend her to
all my friends and clients on a regular
 -Stacey Wolf, psychic medium,
astrologer, and author of
and Never Throw Rice at a

"Patricia has been a mentor, guide and  
inspiration in my spiritual journey.
With every session, I learn something
more about myself. She has helped me
and is helping me learn to live and
create the life that I want while letting
go of the beliefs and thoughts that hold
me back."  
- Anita Z, Creative Director

"This experience is transforming my
life.  Working with Patricia has been
the most important spiritual work I
have ever done.  I was new to this five
months ago - and now looking back - I
am realizing I just continue to heal and
get better...  
The changes I saw at first were
wonderful physical changes like being
able to breathe more deeply and easily.  
Now I see my life opening up in
incredible ways and on multiple levels -
I still can't comprehend the magnitude
of what is happening.
Patricia is truly gifted - her intuitive
abilities combined with her unique
healing gifts are extraordinary!!"
Sales & Marketing Executive, New
York City

I have been blessed with the opportunity
to work with Patricia in both private
sessions and in her workshops. These
experiences have been life altering. I
have suffered with addiction and
depression for years, finally I began  
seeking help with a twelve step program
and a therapist.  Even with this help, I
found that there were emotional issues
that kept resurfacing. I did not know
where these emotions came from or
what to do them, until a dear friend of
mine recommended Patricia to me.
During our sessions, I learned how and
where I stored my emotions in my body.
Patricia assisted in transmuting the
energies that were blocking my growth,
physically, emotionally and spiritually. In
the workshops I attended {Reiki, I and
II and Path of the Tree},  I learned the
skills I needed to be my own healer,
which has been a tremendous source of
empowerment. I came to Patricia trying
to alleviate pain. What I have learned is
how to be happy. It has been the
greatest gift.
- Celeste Santoyo Registered Nurse

"Pat is a wonderful and intuitive healer.
When I was very stuck in my life, she
helped me and my family move through
many issues. She helped me clear a path
in my life to make room for what was
really calling me. I have never been
more in touch with myself. I am
eternally grateful for her and the work
we have done.
- Irene, Holistic Health Counselor, New

"Patricia's gifted abilities have
transformed my life's awareness of
things that are internal, as well as
things which surround me every day.  
Since opening the very essence of who I
am to Patricia, I have seamlessly begun
a different path of focus.  Once she
cleared some things that were buried in
deep and dark places within me, I
began to more easily identify any
negative energy that tried to fog my
path.  Then through Patricia's work, I
was able to use the strength of my own
person, the power of my energy, my
positive force, to turn the direction of
this energy.  The affect, as a result of
redirecting negative energy in my life,
became apparent at my job, among my
friends, family, acquaintances.  
Patricia's sense of what stands in the
way of one's spiritual growth and her
ability to challenge that, I believe is of
such a high calling.  It not only changes
life on a personal level for her clients,
but it aides in the spiritual evolution of
all things great and small in their path."
Carmella A. Budrik
Regional Coordinator - Property